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Today the department of Heat Power Engineering (HPE) is part of Institute of Building, Heat Power Engineering and Gas-Supply (InBHPEGS). The InBHPEGS institute is subdivision of the Vinnitsa National Technical University (VNTU).

The head of department of Heat Power Engineering, doctor of engineering sciences, the deserved employee of folk education of Ukraine is Tkachenko Stanislas J.

Train of specialists on speciality "Energy of heat tehnology" began from a 1992 year on the department "Heat power engineering, electric machines and drives" (HPEEMD) after research of demand on the specialists of this type in the Podolye region. The HPEEMD department was based on a material and technical base and faculty advisors of the department "Energy engineering". The department "Energy engineering" was opened still in 1968 and was a sole department on train of engineers-electricians in the Vinnitsa branch of the Kiev polytechnic institute
In 1994 the HPEEMD department was reorganized, which the HPE department was selected from.
In 1997 on the base of departments "Heat power engineering" and "Gas-supply and engineering providing of building" department "Heat power engineering and gas-supplying" (HPEGS) is created , which specialists on two specialities train on. The issue of heat power engineering specialists on the department began from 1997 year.
In 2002 the department "Heat power engineering" was selected, on which today on the base of the computer newest information technologies the train is carried out:
- bachelors to direction 6.050601 - heat power engineering;
- specialists on speciality 7.05060101 - Heat power engineering;
- magister's of engineering and sciens magister's on speciality 8.05060101 - Heat power engineering.
Train in graduate school is conducted on speciality "Technical heat physics and industrial heat power engineering".
On the department 2 Professors, 1 doctor of engineering sciences, 9 candidates of sciences, 6 associate professors work. The workers of the department "Heat power engineering" head and conduct scientific guidance in the laboratory of energy saving. Teachers, graduate students and students, carry out research, the new energy- and environmental saving proekts develop with the use of traditional and untraditional energy sources and automated heat- and biotechnological systems.
In the sciens and educational process computer technologies, computer trainers, original software, computer graphics and etc., are used. Students work in a modern computer center.
HEAT POWER ENGINEER - is connoisseur of physical, technical, ecological and economic aspects of production with the use of different types of energy in industrial and municipal energy, food and processing productions and way of life.
He is able to apply the methods of synthesis and analysis of the difficult resource- and environmental saving systems with the wide use of computers, problem of management and automation heat power and heat tehnological systems at a modern level with the use of computers - constantly in eyeshot of heat power engineer.
Problems of energy saving , developments and introductions of energy saving and smallwastes technologies it is possible to name main for our young state. The weighed power energy saving policy is the mortgage of the proper reality, but not formal independence of Ukraine.

Graduating student of our University - heat power engineer - can successfully provide the decision of indicated higher problems.

In the Vinnitsa national technical university twelve issues of heat power engineers took place, 330 persons got the diplomas of specialist.

Our graduating students work on the enterprises of heat power energy, on the industrial enterprises of food, agrarianprocessing, build, machine-building and other productions, in project and scientific organizations and firms.